Stress at School is about helping parents and teachers to recognise and deal with stress in children.

For Parents

kids-have-stress-tooTo help your youngsters deal with exam stress, see the Say “No” to Exam Stress book. You will be offered access to a simple, easy to use programme, paperback book and CD, which shows you how you can join in with your children at home and take them through a simple exam stress programme. Where the term, parents, is used in this programme it is intended to include parents and carers.

We understand how busy you are. You do not have to read the entire book straight away. Just read Chapter 1, only six pages, put on the CD and listen to Track 1 to get started.

Parents and children sit down together and start by listening to the first of the five recorded relaxation tracks on the CD. You just follow what is said on the CD. You might listen to the second track a week later and so on. It is as simple as that. Each track lasts around 15-20 minutes. Just a few minutes, once a week – that’s all it takes.

For Teachers

To help pupils in school deal with a wide range of stressful situations, see the Managing Stress in Education book. You will be offered access to a school based ebook programme with lesson plans, guidance on how to teach stress management skills to your pupils, including skills for managing exam stress.

Where Do These Programmes Come From?

The author of both programmes is a psychologist who believes that effective stress management goes beyond basic hassle strategies such as taking deep breaths and counting to ten. Underneath the simple sequence of events in these programmes there is a robust psychological structure to tackle the serious business of exam stress.

The theme of keeping things simple is important. When under stress you cannot be expected to grapple with complexity. These programmes are the culmination of research, writing, trialling and refining over twenty five years, all distilled by Dr James into a straightforward and easily accessible format summed up as ‘choosing what to think’. View Dr. James’ philosophy of stress management for more on this.

Contact the Author

You may email Dr. Anthony James at info@stressatschool.com