Managing Stress in Education: A Comprehensive Guide for Staff and Students

managing-stress-in-education-bookThe programme comprises ten consecutive lesson plans and it has been written to guide teachers in helping pupils to deal with exam stress and other types of stress in everyday life. Pupils gather information on stress from the lesson plans and learn stress management techniques from the relaxation audio tracks, listened to in class with their teacher.

This programme for teachers goes beyond the parents’ programme to include a wider range of techniques, such as identifying stress management role models and developing resilience.

Teachers too may find the techniques a useful way to deal with everyday stresses.

What Does a Lesson Look Like?

Each of ten lessons begins with information input, then a relaxation sequence, followed by discussion. There are notes to guide relaxation practice at home where this is useful.

The core activity in each lesson is the relaxation sequence, which the pupils are taken through by the member of school staff, reading aloud the relaxation script or playing the script as a recorded relaxation track on the download. The recording is spoken by the author who has many years experience of leading group relaxation sessions. The tracks are voice only. There is no ‘wibbly wobbly’ background music as children do not seem to engage with this type of soundtrack.

In some schools the author has been involved in running relaxation sessions alongside school staff. It is clear that pupils are able to relax quite easily whilst seated at their desks. Some pupils rest their heads on the desk top, whilst others sit up fairly straight. Some pupils like to leave their seats and lie down on the floor. Where the teaching group size is small, a school can sometimes make available a room with soft seating, more conducive to relaxation, but this is not essential.

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