Say “No” to Exam Stress: The Easy to Use Programme to Survive Exam Nerves

say-no-to-exam-stress-bookWho Is this Programme For?

It is for youngsters, 10 to 18 years old likely to experience exam stress but, critically, parents are invited too – you join in with your children at home during the stress management sessions. Complexity can trigger stress. In order to be effective, stress management techniques must be designed in a straightforward style. This means that the same, simple programme suits a wide age range of children and parents may also benefit.

What Is In the Programme?

say-no-to-exam-stress-cdA simple, easy to follow set of audio CD recordings guides you through five relaxation sessions. You might listen to one track per week over five weeks or the first track on your first day, second track on the second day and so on – whichever is easiest to fit into your family’s schedule. The book contains concise and straightforward stress information for you to read when you have time.

How Is it Different?

Because it involves parents and their children sitting together at home during the short relaxation sessions. By giving this time to your children you let them know that you want to join in and help them deal with their exam nerves rather than leaving them to sort it out.

Research shows that giving dedicated time to your child or teenager, including fairly subtle ways such as, communicating with them, encouraging them with positive expectations, can have a significant impact on their achievement in education. Spending time with your youngster in the calm environment which Anthony creates in his audio tracks has additional benefits in helping you and your youngster to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle exam stress. It is also a plus that you are letting your child know that you are following and understanding the stress management process.

Too Busy to Help with Exam Stress?

You do not have to read the book straight away; just put on the CD and listen to Track 1 to get started. It is as simple as that. Each recorded script lasts around 15-20 minutes.

When you get the chance to delve a bit deeper, Chapter 1 contains the entire programme in one chapter.

For those who can make time to look at background information and the psychology of stress, later chapters offer you, as parents and carers, additional detail to deepen your knowledge and share this with your family in gradual stages over time.

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