What Parents Are Saying

“I started the sessions with my 10 year old son who was very fidgety to start but seemed to relax quite a bit by the end. For the second session, my 8 year old daughter insisted on joining in and she went into a deep relaxation. They both enjoyed visualising their ‘relaxing place’ and seemed to get a lot out of this session. My daughter told me she had been tapping her wrist as suggested to encourage those feelings of relaxation to return.”

Ruth Sharif, Barnes.

“Both my daughters found the programme relaxing. It has definitely helped them to reduce their worry about exams and given them a way to feel calm in any situation at school.”

Nishya Yogan, Wallington.

A Professional’s View

“Nowadays exam stress, sadly, is a reality for many of our children. This programme is a must for any parent or carer supporting their child to deal with exam stress.”

“It is no mean feat to have made a large amount of stress information so user friendly and easy to follow, taking years of careful refining, whilst staying true to the research.”

“I can recommend this programme to any parent wishing to understand more about stress and wanting to help their youngster to deal positively and effectively with exam stress. It is simple to use and only takes around twenty minutes per week over five weeks. Just pop the CD into the player and start relaxing, but do also try to read the whole book, since there is a wealth of useful and easily accessible information here.”

Dr Simon Claridge, Research Director, Department of Psychology, Cardiff University